Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bless this Day

BLESS the goose which gave it's feathers for my blanket and pillow

THANKS to the ground which bore the vegetables and fruit which i eat

BLESS the people i encounter that their spirits will be lifted and their hearts will feel love and joy

BLESS the open doors and the new paths

BLESS my open eyes and steer me to those journeys

BLESS the ground i walk on and the sky i look at

THANKS for the refrigerator light and the hot water in the dish washer

BLESS the sheep whose wool made my sweater

BLESS the tree that gave its life for the paper which i write

BLESS the authors who pour their hearts out to minister to me and others

BLESS the mothers who are at the end of their hope

BLESS the flowers that bring me joy

BLESS the water that nourishes my body

THANKS for my friendships

BLESS our meetings and multiply our joy

BLESS the earth in which i photograph let it flourish

BLESS this holiday season

BLESS my mouth as i speak let my words be fruitful

BLESS my parents for their love and hard work

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