Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh my beauty expanded through yesterday and I'm so grateful for your joyful spirit these past what eight years that i have had the pleasure of knowing you have been refreshing and life giving i love you so and even when there is a gap in our time together there is never a gap in our friendship you are among the three people who know me better than anyone and our souls have and will always be connected in ways that no one else will ever be i love you dearly...

iv noticed people seem to fall so easily and then refuse to use the hand ready to pick them up either that or they just wont look for the hand held out
sometimes i feel angry and sad but you know maybe for the first time lying is the solution I'm one who is dedicated to honesty and being true to expressing how i feel but i no longer wish to let my emotion control who i am despite how i feel i choose to lie to myself and display joy even when it doesn't exist inside me i harvest it through imagination

does anyone remember (good will hunting)
so I'm in love with the thought where Robin Williams speaks about loving his wife and all her idiosyncrasy's
how beautiful is it that a man could love you despite your so called flaws and short coming and not only that but love that about you that you are attractive because of your oddities(unique and set apart) how incredibly satisfying and moving this is to me (my oddities list coming soon)

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lacyjoy said...

I love you. You're breathtakingly beautiful. I don't know how I would be getting through this without you.