Thursday, September 24, 2009

can i tell you something i have been thinking about a lot lately
and i hate the answers i get when i speak of it
i want someone to hold me
to take me on great adventures
i want a godly man
who wants to be enveloped by me
i want a companion a lover a relationship
meant to be woven together
not forced by the hands of man
i want this intoxicating beautiful metaphor of Gods love
tangible only for me
usually people tell me just date someone
blah blah blah
its not simple living in Gods way never is
he is out there and he has to find me
I'm no longer going to be so available
i want to be respected and pursued
i want to know he is in this with me not just for me
if im easy he will always expect that
and I'm not easy never have been
i am mystery i am captivating
and i want him to know this
and still want to know all the corridors of my soul...
please God settle this heart for it longs so strongly

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