Monday, September 28, 2009

iv been listening too
(pulled out of the archives)
dashboard confessional

and (fresh) stuff kid cudi
i am deeply in love with photography
i eat it up i feel so alive when
i can be apart of something being created
I'm excited to watch
toy story in 3D
and kanye west
more boondocks
i feel like a big fish in a little pond
i crave New York City
the experiences i neeeeeeeddddd....haha
i would love to work for nylon or teen vogue
i am in love with the pumpkin trick or treat buckets
i wish i was a young adult in the 60'DS
passion 2010 (come come its overwhelmingly beautiful)
i love driving with my windows open
rob bell makes me think
also.....more rob bell just watch them all
i have to learn how to use my
kona and A1 film
it's bothering me
iv been wearing
leggings boots and shorts
don't drive fast on slippery ground...

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