Sunday, October 25, 2009

...i breath in deep
in hopes my spring is to come
the anticipation has got me fixed walking
the darkest of country roads
my feet glued to this journey
the sky above mirrors the pavement underfoot
smoke stacks furled in silver tones
shots of kelly green and maple stand to each side
as the trees sway in song
lending healing arms toward moving me from fear
into fiercely devoted to you
when I'm upside down pick me up and turn me around
when iv lost my direction be my guide
you are my home and i realize now I'm never alone...

(God is with you mighty warrior...)
we work and work and struggle to get out of darkness asking how can i get to the light how can i make things better...(you can't)
stop trying through your own strength
you struggle to change
it is divine power
allow the light to come to you
just as you are
invite him to come to your broken fearful heart...

=All my dark corners are the feeble beginnings of miraculous stories=
How are you going to move?
how are you going to make this incredible?
My God cares very deeply about a lot of things...EVERYTHING

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