Monday, November 2, 2009

{cause everywhere you go there you are...}
you say there's nothing left for you in this cardboard town..
so every bridge you cross your gonna burn it to the ground.
Still for all your running
You just can't change a mile
but i want you to know
you were always worth the while
i believe you were made for great things
its just some taking time
because you haven't realized all greatness that lives inside...
i love you mr... i really really do...
and i will forever miss you...
if that's what you have to do...

God hides potential where no one else is looking...

you wild unfathomable beauty
your eyes dance with fire
like an angry villages torch
your body is slender and hard
like the peak of a mountain
you rise above all others
your summit daunting to some
discouraging them to approach
i am entangled in your mystery
i have not come to conquer you
but to set you alight
with flames
to envelope you like fresh snow
to encapsulate you in my everlasting love
i dare not tame your passion
i accept it
for it is the crown of your creation...

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Is There A Box said...

love it! keep on writing :)