Friday, December 4, 2009

The sacred romance

NO longer will they call me desolate
i will be swept away by real love
your current pulls me in
let us not be half hearted creatures,

do not let pain or failure
crystallize us in blind contentment
lets not indulge in settling
the cool gray ash around our wounds
have healed and fallen away
don't bother looking back
but pursue the fiery embers
that sustain our lives,

these desires are wild
made by a wild God
let passion seduce us towards the beloved
bask in his grace and
feel the unreasonable joy,

do you feel that haunting
lets stand at the intersection
and not shrink back
lets answer his call
lets thirst and be filled together
scribbling our journey
as a devotional to Christ,

thorns and thistles will prod
but lets risk a relationship
of heroic proportion...

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