Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sounds of animals fighting

Someone once told me:
Love is a logical and tragic act...
i now understand this.

choosing love opens spaces of immense beauty
but there will be pain.

The weight of your words just about undid me
my foundation is wrought
my desire all but crippling
my soul saturated with ache
and this dust in my bones
keep me in place...

I don't believe in accidents
i believe in (In-convenient) changes
in my well planned out life
i don't believe in regrets
i believe in courage and strength
to take responsibility for my choices
i don't believe in failure
i believe in growth and learning...

My entire life has been shaped by my brokenness
my daily hours captured by unreachable desire...

(Sounds of animals fighting
brush fires and falling stones...
shadowed figures spinning dreams while i sleep
full moons in storms whispering defeat
insufficient words
used bodies and broken vows
beautiful tragedies
and fallen worlds
where are the fighters
the valiant ones
who have decided to overcome...)

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