Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunrise beneath your eyes

Beauty stabbed me
sunrise beneath your eyes
hither the motions of love
delve deep
come to me
drench me with your fire
im alive and you aren't free
consume my breath
oh lovely
desire abound
lock some away
for distant days
come to me
come to me...

(My dear one
i urge you
take up your cross
be a fortress of strength
never barriers
be a storm to catalyst growth
never of disaster
be a warrior fighting for love
not out of anger
my beloved
each droplet of rain
i sent to remind you of my
cleansing spirit
each sunrise
represents a new day
to start over in beauty
every kind word
that reaches the depths of your heart
is a touch from me
see i never leave you
this present loneliness
is but a trickery
from the evil one
who dares to derail you from my path
but loved one
you are in my hand
always in my healing hands...)

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