Monday, December 7, 2009

Dearest Sparrow

You my little sparrow
i want you to know
how very loved from the start you are
you will exist in intricate beauty
you will be a mystery not to be broken
but to be set free
your wings may seem so ever feeble
but i want to let you know a secret
the wind he is my friend
he will bring you up in strength and power
he will make you soar like eagles
your freedom will abound if only you trust
that you will not fall if you rest in his arms
the heavens sing my little one
raise your voice
sing praises only you may sing
glory will fall from your mouth
your beauty will enchant and bring joy
to all who look upon you
your nest will keep you safe
do not let the storms deceive you
(you are safe)
your home has been built on a mighty oak
its roots ancient and strong
my sparrow
you do not yet know this world i speak of
its dark beautiful leaves may try to limit you
choke your desire hide your potential
but beyond them lay a life so full
so green
so adventures
risk flying through those barriers
do not be afraid
i will remind you of the wind
who is always beneath your wings
and even a friend or two will guide you along the way...

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