Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jesus said: don't be afraid, just believe.

I got a text today with those words...
i'm not sure if it was meant for just me, or if she sent it out in mass. however it was meant for me anyway... life has been a beautiful mess! Full of recently closed doors and many many more opening. the tricky part is which to walk through? (jesus says don't be afraid just believe!) This is his steady voice in my trembling world. All is never lost and nothing is impossible, this i know!
So i offer the sound of prayer, sending it toward heaven. Lord God, my beloved send me... I was made to love you, to feel you. I desire the tender path your arms guide me toward. Protect those i love. But teach them also the safe side isn't always right. Bring fresh revelation to me and each of their hearts. I want to let go of all that gets in the way of me seeing your face. Every insecurity, every jealous or angry thought and every single fear. Drive these out of my soul, purify and cleanse my spirit for i am your bride, awaiting your calling.
Do not let your words return void!
Come with fire!
My love i wait and see what you will do with "our" destiny...

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