Thursday, June 3, 2010

oh the adventures we've had thus far... full of broken things.

LAST photo adventure...

This sort of thing never happens to me...
I looked about the room, followed my trail throughout the house into the grass and into my car
alas! No cell phone.
Did i drop it? I honestly swore i had left it in my car... But it wasn't there, my cash and camera were however. So me and my friend went to Starbucks to sit and talk. We were interrupted by someone messaging her phone from my num. HA! it was stolen i'm not crazy! some guy asked if she needed anything? Yes my friends phone would be nice, you know the one you stole... He tried to convince her and i that someone walked up to him off the streets and sold him a prepaid blackberry. As if this was harlem new york city or something. Besides the fact my phone has the hugest crack in the screen and doesn't even have internet. But he still went back and forth about the phone insisting that he paid for it and wasn't going to give it back. Finally we agreed that i would pay $10 for my own phone back... Then i realized this guy could be a creep. He said things like if it isn't you that picks it up i'm going to throw it in the street. So i weighed the options paying to get my phone back with lots of personal info or let it go and let him have it? So my friends brother very bravely retrieved the phone for me. After arguing with what ended up being a small 16 year old immigrant boy, he got it back. I lost ring tones and all my photos but all in all my stolen phone was ok and now safely back home!

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