Saturday, July 31, 2010

He formed your hands to create something GOOD...

I'm living with my entire heart these days
letting the wind swirl around the hope sitting in my hand
I believe in true love as well as fighting for the good and the true...

I'm thankful my parents never clipped my wings
They let my imagination run wild.

I'm thankful God is taking me to new places
He is letting me create my own adventure
No more feeding on others dreams
Its my turn to live and let go

So bless the ground on which I walk
And the espressos I will drink!!!
The children I will hold and the woman I will photograph
Bless the adventure
The trail
The busy rushing hours
And waking moments
The silence
And the laughter
Bless the people and their prayers
I love them dearly already and I hope they can feel my arms around them as I pray
I'm thinking of you all today
Keep tight in your heart that which God has given you to cultivate
Together we can change the world
For me one photograph at a time...

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