Friday, September 10, 2010

Stand close to me

I wanna look upon your face

I wanna feel your warm embrace

let the barriers fall

I want to know the

fullness of who you are.

(Claire from Germany)

I asked God if he wanted to play a game with me what would he want to do?
He said TAG... Because we get to pursue each other back and forth we would chase!

(Amelia from North Carolina)

For a season is coming, a season of newness. Patterns of old are no longer in or over you! My rain will cleanse your heaviness. This is a new season. -Sacred Lover


Beloved God do you know the ways you move me?
You move me when I see my lovers lips.
When the wind rushes through the trees like a chill under my skin.
A deep vast sky speckled with dancing stars and those that stand still.
You move me when I'm told I'm worth something even when I don't deserve it.
When I smell citrus.
You move me when I stand before the ocean in awe of its beauty and strength knowing you are greater than these!
By a new breath or sunrise.
By elderly couples clasping hands on their journey just as they did many years in the past.
By a mothers delight in her children.
Or a husband as he looks upon his wife with content and savor.
Im moved by deep healing hugs
Im moved by your love.

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