Thursday, September 30, 2010

2:45 a.m.
We walked to the bus stop in the drizzling chilly rain. Pockets of students await under umbrellas and awnings.
The trees are really beginning to blush, turning shades of red.
I listened to: Hammock" as I dosed in and out of sleep.
I'm reading "spilling open" and journaling...

We sat on picnic table and in apples trees eating of its delicious fruit.
We took the metro to "Ouchy" the Swiss harbor.
The french mountains stood so somber in hues of blue. The water was calm as swans swam lazily through it. Boats bobbed up and down quietly. All the cities seem so quite its peaceful but strange to me. We found a small cafe and drank "real" hot cocoa (we knew it was real by the powder still on top) Sis and Timothy this was just for you!
After walking around I wanted to make a really good memory here. All you take away from travels are moments that tell a story "usually". So much time was spent sitting and listening that I let my days slip by without a creative action, without making a moment for joy to surprise us. So the four of us decided to make our last moments in Switzerland count! We took off our boots and winter coats and jumped dancing into the fountain. It was beautiful... The freedom of a moment can last forever.

(our internet has been down, so if the story above is a jumble its because i'm writing fast.)

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