Thursday, October 7, 2010

lets go on a bare foot adventure

grab apples from a tree

and run up a hill to some abandoned railroad tracks

lets follow them until we've crossed this bridge and marvel at the sunset

all lavender and blushing pink

we walked like the track was a typewrote

and we were an act

till we came upon a field

running across the rocks and grass

to a tree with a ladder upon thee

climbing up and up the three of us sat

enjoying the moments that have passed

how close we have come in this short month

the stars are coming out now

behind the windmills as they make such subtle sounds

yes this was our barefoot adventure

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Each word expresses the life I knew as a child and wanted so disperately for you each to experience. The beauty and peace of just being surrounded by Gods beauty, chattering birds, babbling brooks and a warm sun peeking through the leaves illuminating the way home off the mountain.I believe you got a taste and it fueled your love for nature. love Daddy.