Saturday, December 25, 2010

Im going to write a sincerely sappy note.
Because thats what you do when you miss your family,
when its christmas,
and when you live in a foreign country!
Three Perfect Reasons!
My heart has been slightly overwhelmed by the new ventures soon to come alive. The very odd mixture of desiring to be home and knowing where I belong for now. The old and cliche saying absence makes the heart grow fonder and you don't know whatcha got until it gone! Are cliche for a reason!
I miss my home, the home that isn''t made of four walls. But hearts that love me unconditionally. The beings that have held me as iv cried and not seen me as weak. Those that have shared laughs with me and believed in my dreams. I miss those lovely people not because of what they simply offer me I could get that anywhere in the world. But because of who they choose to be day by day. I miss the way they laugh and carry life in their hands so willing to give it away! I miss the way they dance to loud music and always want to play cards. I miss the way the children run around the house with parents chasing. I miss the way dads food smells and the way mom smiles. I miss a lot of things.
But in all my "missing" Iv never wanted to miss the here and now.
Dad keeps reminding me of this.
This is a crazy journey maybe its fitted just for me, for this time.
Maybe I've stumbled into it.
Either way i'm "here" and I love those that are "there."
And I want you to know:
Sometimes I still need you...
No matter how big I get...Or far I've gone. Or how much you may have hurt me.
I love all of you! My Heart. My Home...
Merry Christmas
from your sappy and (tired) friend...


Anonymous said...

Time does heal all wounds for those super humans that are able to fill their today and tomorrows with new loving memories and refuse to allow themselves the ability to look back and remember the hurts from the past. They have the unhealthy ability to keep their feelings locked up like Kryptonite, making sure the hurt never drains their strength. Thus, making everyday a perfect day they can control!

However, for us average humans, it is simply a day to day struggle of dealing with our past hurts and accepting them; trying desperately not to allow them to interrupt our today memories or discourage us from tomorrows dreams. Hurt is like a bitter fruit that once endured it enhances our awareness to the other flavors and aromas that bring sweetness to our lives!

We love and miss you and are very thankful for the sappy you! Daddy

Ashlotte said...

Dear Ashley F.,

I love checking your blog because I always know I'll read and see something beautiful with each update. I love that even though you're super far away thanks to your blog I feel like I'm getting to know you better. I love you so so so much and I'm so thankful you're a part of my story and that I get to be a part of yours!!

Love always,
Ash R. xoxoxoxo