Saturday, December 11, 2010

Most days are quiet normal "LIFE"
or at least I'v lived enough of these sort of days for them to become "NORMAL"
It's beginning to feel like a sort of home.
Not like (home is where the heart is) type of home,
but enough of one none the less.

I think in movies, book and blogs there is so much focus on the "highlights" of life
we begin to think somethings wrong with ours.
Because our everyday doesn't look as glamorous as theirs.
I just want to say I live in europe, the place most of you have dreamt of exploring.
It's boring and altogether breathtaking...
Let me give you free advice:
"Everywhere you go there you are."
If your not the sort of person to enjoy the simple things and find the everyday beauty.
Chances are here you wont be either.
After a few weeks of the same places and things you
WILL grow unhappy and restless as you were before.
(of course there are rare exceptions)
But overall life is life everywhere you go
It's really what you make of it...

Today I cleaned and lit lots of candles because
my burnt out light bulb is to high for me to change.
I walked to the store and spent a lot of time trying to get my internet to

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