Sunday, June 12, 2011

DAY 7: Thrifting and Makin apple pies!

Thrifting was a bit of magic as is everyday that iv spent with you thus far...

I love roaming the layered isle of old forgotten goods just waiting to make more memories in someones home... I love digging through the ugly 90's dresses just to find the perfect vintage one, that I get to tear apart and sew into something new! I love riding home from an accomplished day of thrifting cuddling the goods and getting ready to make apple pie with you! Beirut bursting through the kitchen and flour everywhere. Because flour has to be everywhere when you bake, thats just how it goes! I love that I feel beautiful and comfy no matter what were doing. And I especially love that you buy me French films and coffee mugs!

After cocktails and a rainy summer night saying goodbye may have been the only part I wouldn't have minded cutting out! But all that to say: yesterday was a bit of magic. The kind story books don't talk about because it seems to simple to be book worthy. But lovers and parents know this magic oh so well. The kind that gets you through bad days... The kind that you look back on the photographs and want to weep... The kind that turns your heart towards prayer because your so thankful!
The rare magic that people miss because they are to busy to cuddle or buy vintage sheets to build forts with.
This is the best kind of magic!
Thank you for blessing me!

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