Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 11: Sunrise Saturdays

We lay here in the thick humid air, the fan not quite circulating the air enough. We have been up for a long while now. So many adventures under our belts, more than perhaps you will have all week! We smell like the diner we sat in all morning. The maple syrup and grease that clung to the air has made its mark in the threads of our clothes.
Im thinking back on the 18 dreamy photos we took of our coffee cups and smiley face breakfast. As if our coffee cups are more magical than yours.
"But to us they are!"
I'm thinking about the little love notes and explorer tips we left on that abandoned school. And the old man who quietly walked by threatening to ruin our fun with his scowl!
You wiped the green chalk from just below my eye as we sat in the car before pulling away.

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