Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 9: Earliest of mornings (Irish Cream)

Driving into a sunrise adventure must be one of the most lovely things.
Holding your lovers hand and smelling the fresh coffee your friends have made you before the journey began!
Feeling the hum of the car and road meeting.
Seeing the sea gently passing under the bridge large and wide smiling before us.
Our faces a glow with more the just the kisses of the sun!

Sand covered and swallowed by the ever cold sea.
We play like children, running with wild laughter.
(Except children do not smoke Irish Cream)
or drink sangria...
For sure -This day had treasures:
Thai food treasures,
Thrifting treasure maps,
and Photo treasures,
all sorts of beautiful things I never fully expect!
But oh how I'm blessed!
Every breath is a frail blessing that i'm fully aware of.
I choose to bask in each moment as we will now bask in its memories...

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