Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I drove to our down town this morning with a cinnamon cappuccino in hand, (because my car doesn't have cup holders) and listening to some sweet iron and wine. The wind is ever so gentle and warm like the fuzzies you get in your tummy when you see the one you love! I'm meeting with a beautiful friend of mine just to be and share life together over some hot yummy drinks. and then to design some things, maybe dream and draw new things.

I need to create...
Something in me is bursting, yet I do not know what of!
I just hear a calling and something in my soul longs to answer it...
Although God you must help me, I can create no problem. But what do I do with what I'v created?
Something in me is awakening and soon I pray doors will open for these stirrings to walk through...
anyway this is a bit of my morning thoughts
Time to say hello to my dear amy!

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