Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"You will not find the warrior, the poet, the philosopher or the christian
by staring in his eyes as if he were your mistress.
Better: Fight beside him,
Read with him,
Argue with him,
Pray with him."
-C. S. Lewis

Lots of pieces and steps led us to these colorfully warm days.
Many people have come and gone through our lives.
Many circumstances have shaped us and changed us.
and yet it has made all the difference, even if we look back on seemingly meaningless things,
i'm coming to see how in its entirely clique way it brought you and I to meet.
You walked into that store as flawlessly as you walked in my heart. I fought to hold up the walls (you know to protect my heart and all) but they couldn't last through two months of your charm. And Im blissfully aware that I have allowed everything to fall and embrace you fully and openly! both feet off the ground.
Falling into this place with you has been the best sort of falling!
I could tell of a hundred intricacies that led us to this moment but my favorite:
The day I met you I asked God to surprise me! and your handsome mossy eyed self walks in so smiley and full of hope. Many things have changed since that day, all for the better.
You said it last night "the difference now is a shared life."
And its true even the most boring of things take on new shapes and colors because they have hearts behind them who are intentional.

You have tamed me...
and now I am rare in all the world...
I have tamed you...
and now you (Malcolm Fitschen) are rare in all the world...

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