Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 20: Dinner and a moon...

Dinner with my love,
It's been a rough week.
One of coming back and fighting for what you believe in.
It's been one of trusting and letting go and remembering of old wounds.
This week has above all else been a lesson and a reminder of whats important
and what I shall never want to loose...
Weeks come clothed in bliss and sunshine.
But they also come clothed in deep blues and dark rooms.
It's what we do with the shape they appear to us in that greatly matters.
It's the grace and forgiveness that defines it.
God is pulling at our hearts and saying something if only I could grasp it all.
Or speed up the process :)
But either way we made today good.
Under the full summer glow of the moon, the field lay bare before the corn stalks...
Books, quilts and drinks decorated the dirt we sat upon.
We laughed and held tight to each other and the love were growing...

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