Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 26: Apparently i'm a keeper! hehe

This is our make shift parking lot photo shoot complete with whistling men.
We had gulped down our starbucks and picked up wine/imported beers and couldn't find a pretty spot to take our photo of "togetherness" so this wide open parking lot and the fading sun did the trick... My dear took me to our first really fancy restaurant and we ate duck and crab cakes! It was wonderful and we feel so lucky to have such a spoiled night together... Mainly I think we just like to dress up because he is quite happy with mexican rice and i'm just as happy with chinese take out but all the same it was a lovely memory and night!

Malcolm Chase is getting increasingly good at taking photos and increasingly more good looking... But ladies i'm excited to tell you he is as wonderful as he looks and i'm thankful at the end of the day he is home with me! "beaming with joy"

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