Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is one of a few camera's that my friend megan passed on for me to love and take care of.
Her daddy had used this very camera in the Vietnam war. Its even still got the stamping from it. Im excited to see if they all work and how the photos turn out!

I'v been telling Malcolm how much I wanted to photograph some pretty coffee art and today while trying to find a quite place for him to study, we went to "Bean There Cafe".
Eureka!! The prettiest little latte ever graced my lips! hehe
It was as tasty as it looked!
Plus its always nice to go to another coffee shop other than the one we both work at.

I love the name of this tea "Dragons well"!
Malcolm and I have been reading Harry Potter and watching the movies he hadn't seen yet and I really want to cuddle up to a fire and drink this tea while reading more together!

Yay! I got a letter from Holland full of little paper goodies!
Thanks to my dear friend elizabeth..


Anonymous said...

Michelle posted your blog with her wedding pictures and I was so pleased to see this first post.

Lattes & Harry Potter, two of my loves! ;D

You have a BEAUTIFUL blog, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that last comment was from Rachel Paul, by the way!