Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 37: Big House (creative collective)

Hello again,
I have been such a slacker about updating my adventures!
This was actually a week ago today on date night...
Some of my dear friends all collected here at the original "Big House".
Which is this breath taking victorian home which we used to meet in years ago for church.
(I didn't but it's where it all began) It's full of art and old photographs, instruments and lots of coffee cups! We gathered here to play music and raise money for some of our boys that are going over seas to bless people by ushering the spirit through their talents.
We ate goodies that our friend lanee baked and listened to all our talented friends play the night away. Malcolm and I cuddled drinking our coffee while singing along. It was a truly simple and beautiful night. Plus I got to put some art up as well which made me feel brave! Im so shy about showing my art in public even still.

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