Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So I have such a beautiful Girl to introduce to you!
The lovely miss Kelsie from (With Lavender and Lace)
She has an amazing collection of vintage clothing which you can buy here...
This last saturday a bunch of us ladies spent the morning trying on pretty little things in her beautiful studio, for a future photo shoot!
It was really inspiring to hear her heart about art and making a living out of it.
The trials of boredom and loneliness and just how alluring the internet is
when we should be creating!
She is brave...
She is legit,
not one of those people who claim to be an artist but go most days
without even thinking about creating something.
She is inspiring ...
Check her lovely blog out please! Buy a journal she has hand made with love...

(The day was also full of beautiful ladies and music and yummy pies!)

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kelsie marie mcnair said...

AWWWWW love this post! going to repost!!!