Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some of the photos I brought of India and Nepal...

A bunch of nonprofit organizations and local church members got together last night to watch this compelling film called (live 58)
I don't remember how many times it made my eyes well with tears and how the images moved my heart. Secrets are stirring within me and things all over the world are changing.
I want us to be apart of that change. Ending extreme poverty isn't to big.
There are thousands of ways to get involved and do something about the children God created all over the world whom go to bed hungry and wake up without hope.
I know there is nothing I could say to convince you to act. All I know is I can't keep talking "ABOUT" God over coffee and claiming to be a lovely christian girl when Iv seen starvation and sex trafficking first hand and doing nothing... I need to help and you need to help.
One of satan's biggest tricks and covers on us christians is theology...
Sitting around discussing his values and the meaning of life.
I enjoy talking about and discovering God but if its not backed with experience and giving what good are my words?
I will sum up what I think we are here for...
To love one another.
I don't have to know you to know that you deserve food in your belly and a blanket on a cold night. I don't have to spend time with you to know you deserve a hope and a future.
All I have to believe in is humanity and God...
Im deeply stirred and I know God wants you to be moved by what breaks his heart as well.

So go here to check out the film and ministry of (Live 58)

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