Monday, November 7, 2011

What a special weekend full of treasures!
Way too many cups of coffee, picking apples just before winter sets in and spending time with my family... A lots been happening in my heart and this weekend was a nice little vacation.
I wanted to sit in the shade of the apple trees with you and read all day.
I wanted to share the snobby coffee shop too!
I wanted to soak in every moment because I got to escape from everyday and really experience today. I miss really experiencing life!

There was a giant wall in the center of the shops for people to chalk messages and this one said: (sprout)
I feel like thats what i'm doing.
Maybe i'm not this perfect thing, maybe I don't have it all together.
But i'm growing and i'm loving.
Im learning that this is all I can ask for.
I have to stop asking so many questions and start embracing what iv already been told...

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