Monday, December 5, 2011

First adventure with my new film camera more photos to develop!

A day that consists of a churro coffee while talking about personality malfunctions,
walking on cobble stone to the waters edge only to sing sweet songs by mandolin
can lead to having a spontaneous bonfire at (With Lavender and Lace)
free hot cocoas and homemade bread our dear Ian made.
Singing by the fires glow all folksy and low!
We then landed at the boys house drinking imported beers
and listening to old u2 records and climbing roof tops
before retiring to cogans pizza and your sweet Arabic voice!
Yes only a day that consist of these can be called
ADVENTURE... Thanks for making me come out dear friends!


Brandy said...


Adam Jones said...

It must happen again soon

michellemalpaya said...

what an adventure! I love days that keep unfolding and then by the end of it, it's sealed in just the perfect way. =)