Sunday, January 8, 2012

So it begins Atlanta (A week in HPSTM)

Anthropologie inspired me with its lovely decorations!
Paper garlands, globe decor and lights out of zip ties!

Home of the original sew in weave :)

Over forty thousand collage students showed up for one reason:
To make God's name known and to bring freedom to those enslaved by human trafficking...

This is us being board waiting and waiting and probably still waiting for the endless rides on the Marta! And some of the nice folks we shared them with...

This was called "freedom stations" where us as collage students donated money to 6 organizations to free men, woman and children from human trafficking! We were challenged to raise one million dollars... There were many who doubted poor collage students could do this.
But we rose above that for sure! Raising over 3 MILLION dollars!

Java Jive... Possibly the most adorable place to eat ever!
It's packed full of vinyl mis-matched chairs and 70d's lamps.
Loads of colorful ovens and kitschy figurines.
Our waiter suggested we not pass up a trip to Claremont a strip club apparently with lots of older woman? We decided to pass on that. But the raisin french toast and chocolate milk were pretty much heavenly!

Was a pretty sweet collection of vintage things from here and there.
I enjoyed all the art and antique cameras.

I wish we had this restaurant! Its very fresh and flavorful.
Best of all they have a gluten free option!

My pretty vintage dress I bought at (Rag-o-Rama)
I can't wait for spring!

The End...

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