Monday, February 6, 2012

(Above photo: Part of a package my dear friend isabel sent me.)

I'm the person who is standing on the precipice of change.

"Cleaning an old slate" and shifting courses.

I want the process to be "heart-centered"

Because I understand the importance of taking time to explore my inner landscape.

In the past I have become so attached to the outcome of

something that when challenges have appeared so did fear!

Fear that I made a mistake.

Fear that i wasn't good enough.

Fear that it's too hard.

But what would it look like If I weren't so attached to the end result,

trusting that the challenges were a part of the process?

How much kinder would I be to myself if I were more invested in "BEing" my journey rather than "being" on a journey…

Journeys are about moving along a path,

not magically transporting from one point to another in a second.

I want to completely and totally accept this process and what it looks like.

All the delicious things that will show up,

all the frustrations, the joys, the detours, the bumps, and the goodness.

I want to be present to all of that!

I'v done a pretty good job this year thus far.

Acceptance is freedom.

It Will take me as much time to accomplish my goals as it's going to take.


No more time, no less.

This is what i'm learning. Will I choose to accept this?

Will I choose to be okay with how long it will take?

I'd been looking around for some monumental shift to happen.

Now I understand the importance of embracing the change that happens with the small steps...

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