Saturday, February 25, 2012

My momma took me on an adventure on Valentines day.
As we drove over a bridge, off in the distance we saw these boats.
I wanted to get closer. So mom drove through road after road to find a spot where I could photograph them. We didn't find a spot. But we did find a house. We stopped in front of this house, with a man washing his work van out front. The boats peeking through the over growth of tree's.
I slowly walked up to the gentleman and asked him if I could photograph the boats in his backyard. He had white hair and gentle eyes. His sweet southern accent spoke to me in an un-surprised voice. As if visitors often did this. He led me through his garage to a path of shell shaped stones towards his amazing backyard and left me there to photograph. These are some of the things I saw. Pelicans sat lazily on the roof tops and the water sparkled in that sea foam green color. The ships towered over me. What they were for I have no idea, but they were beautiful.

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