Friday, February 3, 2012

Beginnings of new paintings!

Some dreams take a bit of time
(and a bit of doing) to bring into being,

but when they finally appear they make all the waiting worthwhile.

Iv got quite a few things going for this year "Creating wise" and I couldn't be happier about that!

Some painting courses that I get to attend and some journaling courses I will be teaching :)

Im handmaking all sorts of things and painting up a storm!

So this is the year of creating dreams and walking into them.

Another thing I'm happy to announce is a new addition to my blog featuring all the lovely,

talented people I know!

There’s an art to creating community.

It takes Creating. Music. Food. Laughter.

A willingness to work together.

Most of all, it takes vision.

Each person featured has a heart for just that...

I can't wait to share photos and lovely details about the people who walk this pretty little earth of our's that inspire me daily!

(Special Thanks to Vinnie for all my art supplies today! Ideas are brewing for collages!)

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