Thursday, March 15, 2012

"If someone else spoke to you the way you spoke to yourself, they'd be out of your life by now."
-Cheri Huber

If you saw a small child make a mistake and their parent spoke to them the way you speak to yourself, would you be comfortable with that?

This is a subject i'm reading up on right now and it has shed immense light on the way I think and talk to myself. We say the most awful things to ourselves! When we think we aren't "perfect enough. Or when we believe we aren't lovable enough.
Have you ever exclaimed what's wrong with me?
I'm such a failure. I never do anything right! I'm worthless ect...
Is it serving you to keep telling your self these things?
Iv been learning to break these habit's and replace them with thought's that are much more loving.

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