Monday, March 26, 2012

Joy List

I was challenged in my (living courageously book) to write a Joy list!
I could get crazy descriptive but here are my main "Go to's" to find joy.

1:My sisters children and their laughter
2:Photo adventures
3:Thrifting and antiquing
4:A cup of coffee with a friend, good book or alone to enjoy
5:Hug's or back scratches
6:Traveling for sure
7:crafting with my sister
8:Sunrises with daddy
9:Letters from Vinnie, Aunt Kim, Isabel and Elizabeth
11:rain falling
12:boots and campfires
13:Christmas anything and everything
14:Inspiring blogs
15:Early morning bird song

I was challenged to implement 3 of these a week for the next few weeks. Some are easier to do. So I'm going to pick a few harder ones.
1: A cup of coffee with a friend at least once a week.
2:Journal at least once a week
3:Photo adventure** This one is harder because often I want to go somewhere Iv never been.
I may even take it a step further and do those three everyday for a week?
I want to see your joy list?

1 comment:

Brandy Brooks said...

My husbands arms
My childrens giggles, their smile, the way their hair lays, the way they smell. the dimples in their hands
Crafting and watching glee with my sister
Photos of my babies
Pinterest & something yummy!
My fav blogs
Hello Kitty
Holding babies
Shoes also I like shoes well sandals!
And sparkly jewelry : )