Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You are labeled by everything you do, and the pressure that is coming at you from every angle can be unbearable. Who can you turn to when everyone has turned away? Who is there to lift you up when you can’t pick yourself up off the bathroom floor?

I will give you the answer to that question.


Jesus is there, every time. Through every drunken night, through every one night stand. Through every curse word, every regret that you have hidden from the world. He is there. He looks past the hurt, pain and scars. He looks for the princess that His father created. He looks for the sister that He saved from death and despair when He hung on a cross to die.

(I found this over at Good woman project)

So good.

(WOW, I needed this. My heart ask really? Really you still see me as your princess? Iv only had one person in my life tell me that. But you God almighty see me still breath taking in your sight? Even when I felt dirty and worthless.

Through his wounds mine are healed.

I'm thankful.

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Sarah Atwood said...

your blog is oh-so inspirational and perfect. Keep it up, lady:) I can't wait for our coffee date! xo, Sarah