Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY: Journal

How to make a cheap but oh so lovely journal!

Book or thick papered magazine,
(I used an Ikea textile book)
Sewing machine
white paint
Washi tape
(any images you'd want to sew in or on cover)

1: I ripped out about 16 pages that I liked most
2: Folded them in half
3: I took 4 pages and stacked them onto each other, then sewed that section together
4: I did this until I used all 16 pages and had four mini journals with 4 pages sew together in each.
5: I then sewed post cards and images I liked to the front of each.
(which you can do throughout the whole journal if you'd like.)
6: I then Painted with white over the words and images that I don't care for to create boxes to either journal in or create layers with other old papers or photos I would want to add into my journal. (Also Perfect for list making!)
Almost done..
7: Add tape to edges! All ready to explore the world with!

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