Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More pictures will come...

Every holiday is magic in this house,
It may be the six tiny happy feet running around
or it may be because my heart never really grew up!

The air was just perfect, the hint of sun and gusts of wind.
Easter eggs hidden in every nook of our back yard including high in the tree's!
Ethan prayed and thanked Jesus for Jesus and for the plates, forks, cups, shirts, and food.
We ate a feast very giggly after that.
You never get tired of a child's joy.
The simple things is what makes them thrive.

(I take a lesson from the kids everyday.)
Today's is to be a child.
So as I walk outside I breath in and let the wind be the sweet blessing it is.
I choose to be excited for the puffy clouds and tiny flowers.
I notice the little details that kids are so honored to have.
That drink or hug makes all the difference in the smile of a child.
Very few children take these sort of things for granted!
Thus I shall not either.
I'm going to write a list of things i'm thankful for...

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