Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Never Stop Dreaming

So I had a special time of art journaling and healing with these lovely woman and more! 
We ate yummy treat's took photos but most of all journaled!
I am passionate about woman knowing who they are. I'm finding this through many hours of painting, asking questions and collaging. It's been a journey that I develop every time I sit down to create a page. 
It's been such a source of passion and exploration for me. 
I wanted to share with these woman a way to go deep into there soul and dreams to really cultivate what they are. To KNOW who they are.
Many felt inspired, some insecure, and a few frustrated. 
But everyone was thankful for it. It's a process a journey and this can be un-comfortable at times.
But with a willing heart we begin to heal and grow into the woman we desire to be.

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