Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Slices of Life.

 Daddy is one year older today and his hearts desire was to walk in the woods of Williamsburg.
So this is what we did. Our whole family sauntering through the woods. 
 Yes I know i'm crazy. I let the two year old use my camera.
She is a photographer in the making.
 She loves to wear sun glasses this way. I embraced it with some photo's.
 Little bits of sunshine I found on our walk for daddy's birthday.
 Santa in May? 
 My favorite tiramisu ever. I try it everywhere and time and time again this one wins,
 An end to my Daddy's birthday.
 My computer died and I didn't have a tv.
So I spent the night reading and writing and being alone with my own thoughts.
 Fizzy apple cider...
Self portrait... My night alone at the beach.


Chelsea said...

I love you Beautiful Girl!

A Global Walk said...

Oh my I love you too!