Tuesday, December 15, 2009

steely green

These cotton words begin to surge

lies that fumbled out

these distant days tell of bright rays

you once held in your heart

shades of gray begin to sway

in fields where love was made

satin skin against steely green

the murmmers of life float in the wind

dreamy and full are the words i spoke to you

oh how distant a day...

im super glad iv been writing a lot lately im very blessed to have a creative outlet yet my writing has been taking such a longing sad form so blue toned i guess its where i can social acceptably share these emotions and they are ones i feel but im so ready to move on to moving poetry something inspiring full of bliss and adventure im ready for love full and sharing im ready to tell tales of descriptive overwhelming beauty i want my life to reflect the poetry i live in my dreams if that makes since... so im praying that these poems will not be a pattern of ache but a stepping stone to appreciating whats to come

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