Tuesday, December 15, 2009

His lone coat...

On this damp street corner
smoke from clubs collect
and glass bottles reflect
the illusions of time and space
a homeless man
wearing maroon moth eaten mittens
staring flat into the distance
where the assfualt swirls into miles he's traveled
his breath clings in the cold air
the mist of his love hung
i must have shivered at this thought
cause he brought his eyes down to mine
and as quietly as two strangers could
offering his lone musty coat
with a quick word
your heart needs it more than i
i feel more at home in this soul
than you do sitting at home...

1 comment:

Frederico said...

this one is FREAKIN SWEEET! i like the way you speak of love... in warmth... in ways most would not see... in people most would not notice.