Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Every warmth of mood...

Iv acquainted myself
with the interior of your body.

Every muscle line, every shade,
every warmth of mood.

My body grazed by sun,
my eyes littered in its rays,
my love boiling hot.

Your arms provide invincible summers,
in the midst of this lingering winter.

Your soul is sturdy like stalks,
my virtuous one.

Take me with a hurry,
kiss me with the kisses of volcanoes.

Awaken north wind,
come and gently guide me
to the majestic corners of your body...

I want to feel the spaces between us. Catch the pull that draws me near. Quiver with your spirits embrace. Laugh so much i let go. I want to hold close to something super natural. I want to be blown away by love. These prayers will be calm and glad. I will choose my own adventure. I will embrace imperfection. I will draw similar soul toward me.)

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