Sunday, June 20, 2010

A mountain keeps an echo deep inside itself thats how i hold your voice. I am scrap wood thrown into your fire, and quickly reduced to smoke.

Identity must be torn down
completely demolished.
Nothing less than the radical disassembling of
what we've wanted or gotten or still wish for...
(Along with its little tailoring shop.)
The treasure of your identity lives unconnected to experience.
But in simple strength and honest truth.
This allows us to discover the value of true being,


"You walked along the east coast
I treaded water,
But we wont need good legs anymore,
because love allows us to float.

I hold you as an echo
deep in the mountains soul.
We wont need good legs anymore.

Where were allows us to float..."
(if i could sing this there would be so much echoing it would be brilliant.)
i have got to learn how to play guitar maybe God will bless with with that creative skill!

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