Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love tall

"Ok so imagine a homespun indie folk sound... You know like bon iver meets a fine frenzy.
With the whole simple earthy sound full of love and that hint of sea sadness.
That's what this song would sound like.
I can hear it in my head,
although the lyrics don't look like much.
Its the whole idea behind me loving too much"
Im in disbelief that life's been so cruel to you
Im in disbelief that desire is beneath you

If my heart had time to grow any fonder
I think my clock would stop

oh if you had a coin for every time
you took my breath away
you'd be the richest man in town

for if my heart had anytime at all to grow fonder of you
I think the world would stop
and id linger on your lips until I fell apart

if my heart had anytime to grow
id be so tall the great oak wouldn't compare...

Note: This is a metaphor I do not like burning beautiful things!

"log cabins

make the best fire wood.

We'd run around getting warm in our skivvies.

Going blind from the brightness.

Isn't that why they say love is blind.

We would have to close our eyes!

A whole forest consumed

such a beautiful sight.

Us standing hand and hand,

does it even matter whose fault it was anymore.

The smell of smoke lingering in our hair and clothes.

Ashes flutter to the ground,

like confetti celebrating what we've become."

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