Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh sleeper wake up!

this drum, these words, keep pounding

let them both smash through coverings into silence

let the veil between ….. break

we will meet somewhere in the midst

empty bodied... for the king has stolen our hearts

he holds them one in each hand….. pumping

he is the only thing we cannot live without

even still i'm homesick for you

can i get… there

where the one i'm afters

after me too...

I pray for the lonely heart sleeping in new york city

the cold walls that close in

the empty vodka bottles sitting

i pray for those sheets that wrap you tightly in

the stillness being your solace from the cries you hold

i pray for the ceiling of depression hanging high above

i pray for your dear dear soul

i know what its like to be in your shoes

or worse to look down at them knowing its to tough to get up

life can be so shaded so sad and i feel your pain

i pray...

peace will slip under the door like a piece of postage

i pray joy will leap in like a puppy going in for a kiss

i pray that light will stream in warming your skin

i pray that the nothingness you feel will flea

and left in its stain will be the beginning of a story

one of beauty coming from the ashes

he will call you valiant

he will call you daughter or son

i pray you encounter the holy one...

(i was praying and God was like ash, pray for something outside yourself.... Completely Unrelated... and so the above pray was born! i hope that God breathed life into people yesterday. I know he did that for me.)

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