Sunday, June 27, 2010

Im sitting HERE,
on the beach listening to "Stand by me".
Thinking about those summer days when I was little
sitting at the edge of Memphis driveways, popsicle in hand
melting down my arm and staining my lips.
All I really considered those days were:
How many hours of daylight were left?
How many fire flies I could catch in my hands?
Just so I could Peep through my fingers to the little magic light!
(Those days feel far away.)
Some of the light in those images, still cling to my brain whispering.
Who knows if this was an actual day I experienced,
or many days forming one memory.

"All I know is: in the words of Eisley---------- I wasn't prepared for this..."

I like the way the clouds engulf the sun in the summertime.
I like how in an instant the wind you'd been feeling for hours
suddenly feels cool against your skin.
Your eyes adjust to no longer squinting,
and you can now see the world as it "really is".
This is how I feel these days...
The bright shinning love that seemed to blind us lovers for centuries,
is again covered to me.
I'm seeing the world as is,
knowing what the bright light before had illuminated...

Why cant we just say what we mean
I want to belong to someone....

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