Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm taking a chance on the wind. I am packing up all my bags.
I'm glory bound. -Martin Sexton

Today I carry with me new fresh beginnings.
(As I handmake my life)
Iv been preparing for what happens next
and all the worries that go along with it.
If I stop there are so many worries,

Will I be replaced?
Lose connection?
Be forgotten?
and then I read this
"imitate the trees Let go. cut off excess... prune, wait, watch, grow,
deep and high to see the sea."-May Sarton
God always reminds me of this...
Life is a growing expedition through tangled and unfilled in parts.
At some point i decided to not trust life, or my own story.
My task now is to say a holy yes to the real things in life.
We must become people, writers, and artists who accept things as they are.
Come to love the details. step forward with a
and a yes on our lips.
I may be afraid (and I am) but to leap regardless there is such power in that.
I am living into the questions of my life...

When Nothing feels clear...
We have this chance to do anything,
To reach out to another and love them vulnerable and true.
To dance on the roof in euphoria
To pray into the ocean and let go... (I will miss the ocean)
Im choosing to Be Brave...
Be Messy, Be Strong, Be Heard, BECOME...

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